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“The impressive pipes of frontwoman *AUDRA* make a distinct impression right out of the gate, but the four men who back her are no slouches. The interplay is tight as the band’s ambitions are large.” – PopMatters

“We’re catching an eardrum pounding rock act at the perfect time – just before musical glory and huge stages – as the world is about to catch fire with this bands first ever studio LP.” – PensEyeView.com

“A few weeks ago I wandered over to my favorite local venue, The Acoustic, for the sole purpose of discovering new music. Throughout the evening I saw some really good bands, but the one that blew me away was Chaser Eight. A true rock band with a dynamic lead singer, who first appeared on stage using a megaphone, all I could think as I watched them was – this band kicks serious ass.” – Adam’s World

“I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing Chaser Eight live and in living color. Let me tell you, I’d be willing to drive nearly to the end of the world for this band. I’ve been to a lot of shows in my time, both mainstream and indie, and there are very few of artists, from either genre, that translate as well into a live show as the polished up production version. With Chaser Eight, there is no drop off. What you hear recorded is what you get live, and then some. It’s literally a rock n roll eargasm like you’ve never heard!” – Indie Habit

“Chaser Eight is the sum of five talented rockers, mixed with three parts passion, energy, and a lot of fun!” Matt Chase, Full Power Radio

“Hi my name is Emily and I'm a Crazy 8! But seriously, Chaser Eight has been a staple in the Connecticut music scene and on Homebrew for the past couple of years and they keep getting better and better. Between *AUDRA*’s catchy vocals and those killer guitar hooks, their sound is just infectious. I look forward to their album release this winter and seeing what the future holds for Chaser Eight!” Emily Napierski, Radio 104.1 WMRQ Homebrew Host & Producer